Spin off – The Wanderer W.H. Auden


I’m spinning off the speaker and his idea of observing the world in spring using beautiful images and interesting sound.



Light reflecting, releasing rapture

Dark gloom deepening causing shade

April blossoms a myriad colors

Avalanching warmth like a Mexican wave

Time seeps through cracks in our lives

As we absorb the heat of spring.

Leaves breathe, seas rise,

Clouds make thunder

But sunrays shine and brighten

Everything as if life were itself an ocean dazzling sol

Birdsong awaited long and flowers with petals strong.

Blades of green dancing in minds made from mazes-like mirrors

Thoughts of delight as warm feelings spread through bodies

Like nutrients in a tree spread to its branches giving birth to dainty blossoms.

Pink flowers and water blue a world of wonder and marvelous hues.