On a trip to New York we were waiting for the Staten Island Ferry. An elderly man was walking around the waiting area repeating the same word over. It sounded like "I". I felt so sorry for him because he was on his own and obviously needed someone to look after him. His character intrigued me and I wonder where he is now...


I…I…I…can’t remember.

Some people say I say “hi” or “fie” or “bye”.

I try to remember

my name from long ago when my mind was right

Some laugh, snigger and giggle at me as I wonder from face to face in a

repetitive routine of madness

while my mind is vaguely aware of the fool who clowns around in a state of despair.


Some glare with concern

A worry that stems from sympathy

No one cares for me as I wonder the streets of New York City in hope of one day remembering

my name.