Just Like Me

In the morning light sleepers lie

And the tracks bend

And the shadows

So slow and smooth

Dust the rough ground of

Grass and waste

They race towards the finish line.
Trees nervous like me

Brain waves and ambiguity

Spider-like veins

The main artery

Clouds set free,

Just like me.
Sloping shadows long

And the Earth's spirit stretched,

Just like me.
A shared history

The battles are relentless

The heart beats incessantly

Resilience is key for you,

Just like me.
Fog, a cotton war.

Soft -
Just like me.
Flippant and capricious,

Just like me.
Transcending your

Man-created reality

And your dreams are like water,

Just like me.
Hold them tight

They thrive in flight

And coincide with memories

And roundabout ways sliding

Through a mental playground

A wise woman's gaze

Is made of steel and sunlight

It burns the ground

Fired in every possible direction

Waking the dark

Rusted metal fence

A relic of 1990,

Just like me.
Branches straight and bent

Belonging to the same tree,

Just like me.
Sparrows on a telephone wire

Distant smoke from a garden fire

Birds and smoke in flight are free,

Just like me.
We grow together

Hot together

Melt together

Forever, ever.
Blood in my veins


In my body

Pulses my visceral heart

Water in my rivers


In my body

My ocean beats

Governed by the moon

Cyclic nature

Revelation and rapture

Same laws "Cleft in twain"

Twinned for nature is clearly

An issue of scale

Manifestations of matter

Tissue flesh and bone

Earth rock and fire

Twins we are

The earth and me

And every family tree


Just like me.
Humans on all fours moving through the trees

Analysing mysteries,

Always manic,

Just like me.
Searching the wide open space

For humility, answers and grace.
My lungs like the forest are a breathing place.

My heart a clock
An intricate machine.
Tick goes the curious bomb