Tribute to Soul to Squeeze


A great man once said,

With all the dying trees I scream

Ash, Beech, Maple and Oak.

Take a sip and a breath

Don’t mess without warning

With a yawn

A dawning intelligence

A listening friend to bend an ear

Hears you with a pleasant smile

For a while voices blend

And mend your bleeding brain.


One of the songs I’ve never had on my ipod is one of my favourites…

For how long will this little red bar last?

That trusty white plastic rectangle

Of joy and audio

Kings of sound

I found you in the dark

Desert until my tears made a stream through you and

Let the trees grow.


They know

The secrets of creation

About birth and life and death and pain

It comes down with the rain

Singing in storms and crashing in tides and rising in rhymes we can’t yet imagine

Rhythms of laughter like thunder

Where lightning strikes red hot.