I particularly admire the way that Ezra Pound condenses all she had to say into three lines. I love the transformational metaphor of people’s faces turning into leaves. Pound’s metaphor suggests to me that humanities place in the natural world is being up heaved or entering in a state of change. The ‘black bough’ lifts them out of the water. There is a sense of doom about the bough, as the alliteration of the letter ‘b’ creates a tone of finality and the colour black suggests darkness and uncertainty. The meaning of the image is made concise. This is something that I struggle to do!


Spin Off

First attempt

My footprint follows me wherever I go

Like a shadow or like marks in the sand;

I leave a trail for all to see, living things hand in hand.


My footprint follows me -

Shadow-like prints in the sand;

Insect, beast, hand in hand.

On an aeroplane in endless space I fly

Into the uncertainty

That I do not know exists.


Aeroplane flying – through endless space

Distant and unsure;

First flight of a Fledgling – falling!