My brakes sound like a herd of small elephants 

You can hear me coming 

Like a chainsaw 


The clocks went back and now I’m cycling in the light 

The old hunchback waits to cross the road but I’m going too fast to slow down 

And even if I did slow down the herd of small elephants would scare him to death


I want to keep on going In and out of sight 

To have these thoughts held captive 

While the sky falls down 


Feeling and thinking are two different things

I didn’t think twice, well...

Would that not mean that you did what you feel is right? 


Throw me into the sun 

What would happen if you moon crashed into the Earth? 

Fire would spread all over the face

Ticking hands caress the green sphere. Our last breath.

The leaves circling your feet energized by the spirits you left behind 

Or they left you 

by the side of the river 

when they jumped into the oncoming train 

or out of the high speed aeroplane 

with nothing 

but fear in your eyes 

and sweat in your socks that sticks you to the 



Nothing left but thoughts in your head 

that go round and round, a merry-go-round. 

A screwdriver.


A dance of death 

A leaf spinning through the air, graceful. Final.

©J C Thomas All Rights reserved.