Return to Maesot

Bright orange blossoms beyond the faded floral curtain

Spring slides by. Drifts behind me and I smile.

Colourful houses. These sights are familiar.


Purples, blues, yellows, reds and every hue between

Thailand is less green. Six months ago green creepers covered the mountain roads in Tak and the forest buzzed a shrill sound.

Leaves like limbs. Banana, Papaya and Jack fruit.

Where are the mountains?

Fields of corn and rice. Long slender shards of green.

Violet blossoms and a distant golden pagoda. White Buddha sitting on a hill.

Flags and spirit houses, landscape always changing, sliding.


Palm trees stark against the pale blue sky. Distant shadows on the long road.

Haze and mist in the afternoon.

Thai people burning the dry ground like the Aborigines used to do.