Blanket White,

Layer Thick,

Fell Tonight.


The first sight, a branch of tree

Stood still gazing at me,

Displaying how the powdery consistency

Settles there and stays to see.


It has a most incredible knack

To seek out the most hidden crack

Or an obvious horizontal place

Or any slightly slanted space.


It falls topping all the land

And does not care for the naked hand - that

Plunges into its frozen depths.

It cares for nothing – only to fall

Then to melt then to return to the land.

To touch the stuff isn’t quite enough

You’ve gotta stomp around a bit

And feel it crunch beneath your feet

It’s something that you just can’t beat.


White and cold, the flakes fall.

They dance majestically through chilled air,

Like drifting stars through space.

This place is transformed.


Each individual miniscule flake

Joins the others on the ground

And as a whole they change into

Something that is bound to change again.

It spirals out of control.

It lies beyond human movement.

The graceful death of a cloud

Proud to become frozen rain once

Again this winter -

It will return to the sky one day

When summer heats the ground

Then will die again taking another form

 vapor that warms the humid air.