Crocodile catapult shrubbery


Rock cod dial cat tap pull rub Bury Berry


Bury the cat and the croc.

Oh, dial for the cod

Who rocks with the cat

And naps under a shrub.

Pull the berry from the cat

Who may dial for

His friend the croc but

Cod has the lines under a tap.


Boomerang telescope tambourine


Boom me meringue ran rang tell cope cop pet our rine


You watched the cop who ran from the boom 

With me in the telephone box while the

Phone rang in our ears.

He had a meringue under his arm and I tried to

Tell him about the tambourine that had

Sunk in the marine.


Bowl sponge flower


Bow owl bowel pong on flow low owe were


Bow low to the owl and

The flower who were once the owners of the ping pong pond.