Little White Wolf



You’re such a simple creature little Maxi.

But tell me, why do you like rolling in shit?

What hit do you get from it?

And why do you wake us up with painful yelps?

It’s too early to go outside. If you could talk you might say

“Help! Help! Help! Please open the door.”

And I’d say “shit, what’s that on the floor?”


I swear you’re not really a dog.

You’re like me, but in the shape of a hog.

Only a little bit smaller that that

But a tiny bit bigger than my Aunt Cati’s cat.


wish you two could meet.

You and Toledo would be best of friends.

A giant Black Panther like cat and a little white Westie called Max.


I envision you both roaming the streets,

Tracking down mice and small scraps of meat.

You two would be a team, you could travel the world.

Toledo, prince of Portland and Maxi, son of the South West

You’d be friends on the road. Traveler pals with stories to tell.

No doubt some wild adventures that would draw crowds from miles around.


Trouble is,

This life won’t allow you the freedom to travel around from town to town. Cat and Dog on the road aren’t allowed to see the world and be wild.

Toledo, you live the good life with Aunt Cati, bringing her rats the size of baby cats.

And Maxi, you have it well, with mum and Amy and the Quantocks to roam and relax.