Soul Melody

The melody of your soul

Air compressed into spaces

Releasing sound to my ears

Tears adrift on an ocean of bliss


Mistakes transformed into experience

Tsunami of feeling fizzling onto

The vast flat land; remembering

The past.


The gull flies above everything

A cup of tea looses heat

In its vaporous steam

Like the train hissing or

Thoughts fading in your brain

Or children running down sand dunes


Your face in a Victorian looing glass

Glances back at you

Wondering at what point the wrinkles will deepen

The creases will form

Your world born


Yes tea without milk is a healthier option

The dairy an emblem of excessive consumption

But I’m a hypocrite ‘cause I’m not vegan

And my name’s Jenny it's not quite Meagan

A patchwork quilt of life sewn

By human hands and red thread in lovers’ beds

Without reason

With passion and love from your mother’s bosom.