Eggs and MarmiteSpin off – Raymond Carver

I have always wanted two boiled eggs and marmite soldiers most

For breakfast.


Suddenly, I find a trail of seeds

In a farmer’s field.


The maize yields lucidly to my decision

And I realize this is a dream.


Wake up, you say to me. You’re clucking in your sleep.

I’ve always slept deep.


But when I try to rise,

The bed is sideways


The golden field was gleaming,

But seems to only when I’m dreaming.


I liked the word association process that seems to dictate the style Carver's poem 'Looking For Work'. From trout - waterfall - dreaming - house tilting - noon - new shoes. I have used a similar process. From eggs - seeds - crop field - dreaming - chickens - bed sideways - golden field. I found this process useful in creating a poem and i might use it again. Sorry for the late (ish) post.