Radio Waves

by  Mary Pil cher



Behind the Poems with Mary Pilcher: Conversations on Life, Art, L ove, and Poetry.

Produced by Opposable Thumbs Publishing 5th February 2017.

"I was born in Bexley, Kent, a suburb of London. I had a rather inadequate education at various private schools, leaving at fourteen to go to the Rambert ballet school in London for two years. I then realized I wasn’t dedicated enough to be a dancer, and left to go to art school where I met my husband.
Married at seventeen, we lived in St Johns Wood. We lived on one student grant from the Royal College of Art. We had two children then moved to the North of England, County Durham, for five years where we had another four children. My husband was teaching art at the local college.
Finally we moved to Somerset, a wonderful place, where we brought up our family and I had various part time jobs as a wardrobe mistress, chambermaid, waitress and sometimes I held a stall in the market at Tiverton selling books, paintings and general bric a brac.
All the time, poems were in my head and I realize now that I had been writing them and thinking them from the age of twelve. My poems are all based on experience. They all happened in one form or another. Sometimes the only way to express a thought is through a poem."
 ©Mary Pilcher