A World Between Worlds, the Tale of Nicomol

06/03/2016 20:32

My first novel, A World Between Worlds, the Tale of Nicomol, is a coming of age fairytale about life after death. It could be described as a fantasy on mortality. What happens when you die? Elements of Magical realism, the Gothic and Supernatural. Themes of childhood, memory, age, humanity, life after death. What more could you want??

Blurb... a work in progress:

In the isolated clearing of a dark pine forest a mysterious creature in the form of a beautiful bird, waits. Lara's parents are determined to live a simple life, prizing her away from corrupt society and anything that might taint her innocence. But as she grows older, she begins to fight for her freedom. She struggles to understand the dreams that hint at the secrets of creation and the true meaning of life. But where are these messages coming from and what do they mean? 


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